Friday, 5 January 2007

The Cosmic Ordering Service

Originally distributed as a set of photocopied notes by the author to her friends, this book is now a million seller and TV host Noel Edmonds credits this book for getting him back on track I came across it because a friend who is not the worlds most prolific reader, enthused about it.

The Cosmic Ordering Service is very simple in concept although more difficult to apply in practice. I have just bought The Wish Book 2007 - which seems not to be available in the US - but worth buying from the UK - The Wish Book is a practical day by day diary for applying the principles of the Cosmic Ordering Service and well worth the investment.

As an alternative to The Wish Book 2007, I can also strongly recommend the web site below where you can order your dreams online. It's a perfect ritual for technophiles - others may want a more elaborate spiritual ritual, some remain with prayer, I like the Wish Book - whatever suits.
Cosmic Ordering WebSite

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