Friday, 5 January 2007

The Cosmic Ordering Service

Originally distributed as a set of photocopied notes by the author to her friends, this book is now a million seller and TV host Noel Edmonds credits this book for getting him back on track I came across it because a friend who is not the worlds most prolific reader, enthused about it.

The Cosmic Ordering Service is very simple in concept although more difficult to apply in practice. I have just bought The Wish Book 2007 - which seems not to be available in the US - but worth buying from the UK - The Wish Book is a practical day by day diary for applying the principles of the Cosmic Ordering Service and well worth the investment.

As an alternative to The Wish Book 2007, I can also strongly recommend the web site below where you can order your dreams online. It's a perfect ritual for technophiles - others may want a more elaborate spiritual ritual, some remain with prayer, I like the Wish Book - whatever suits.
Cosmic Ordering WebSite

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The GenderShift Blog
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Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Make your Resolutions a Reality

Do you make New Year Resolutions?

Just before Christmas I received my new 2007 diary and as I was transferring information from last years I spotted something that made my heart sink. Last Years Resolutions! Well I might just as well just transfer them to this years diary I thought - none of them had been achieved for more than a few months. Is that a familiar story for you?

If you are fed up with making resolutions and goals that don't ever seem to become reality I may have the answer. The day after my experience with last years resolutions, one of my friends and network contacts on the Ecademy, Ronald Wopereis introduced me to to a simple software product called The Dream Manifestation Wizard.

Quite simply this programme helps you to turn wishes into positive affirmations and then at regular intervals you decide the small pop up screen reminds you of your affirmation - Does it work - early days yet - but one thing is clear, I am feeling far more motivated and after using that product for a week.

The first affirmation I set is now embedded in my brain - it is about what I want to weigh - not what I want to lose. Every time I look at food that affirmation immediately springs to mind and I eat something more healthy. I have also noticed that I just don't seem to want to eat as often as I did.

I am now working on another affirmation around more success with internet marketing. But rather than me tell you any more - why not click on the link and have a look for yourself - Oh and there is a special offer on the price during January.

How much would if be worth to you if you could make your most wanted dream come true?